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Looking to sing a song along with today’s hottest stars? If Yes, then Smule is best for you!
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Smule Mod Apk offers free VIP activation that unlocks all the important features that are offered to paid subscribers. Its user-friendly design allows access to all of its settings and features. However, this software is perfect for those who want to sing alone or with friends

Do you want to sing or to improve your voice? No matter how bad you are at singing, just download the Smule app on your iPhone or Android phone. This application comes in the Music & Audio category. You can also try some others best apps like Spotify Mod and Soundcloud Mod for free.

Download Smule Mod Apk Latest Version

The latest version of Smule mod apk doesn’t require a rooted phone. Now download the latest mod version of the application and start singing in solo or in duet. This application is free to use, and it has become a part of all casual singers lives. Furthermore, it can be run on all medium to high range devices because there are no special system requirements.

Smule Mod Apk Android 1

Mod apk of Smule offers both live singing and recording options. You can choose different filters, i.e. SelfieVintageBlack and White, to make your recording look more classy. Also, you can link it to your social media account to share your talent with your friends and family.


If you are aware of Karaoke, then you will get the correct idea of what this application does. You can choose your favourite song from its huge library and start singing for fun. Moreover, it does not require any vocal talent, and even the dumbest person can get the best of it.

Smule user-friendly design put all of its tools and features in such a way that you do not need to dig just to get them. Its dark theme is best to use in a dark environment. Moreover, it has an amazing recording quality but does not consider it more than that.


This app has gained popularity all around the world. But if you are interested in its features then here are some of its highlighted features.

  1. Immense Selection Of Songs For Every Taste

Smule will suit even your grandfather because it offers millions of songs from all over the world of all time and people. Here every music lover can find their favourite content such as from Indian folk songs to heavy Rock or Rap. Just download the app and start training your voice to impress everyone with your vocal skills.

  1. Enormous Number Of Settings: Any Voice Can Become Beautiful

Even if you absolutely can’t sing, then do not worry. Smule will correct your vocals as you want and it will help you to achieve a glassy sound. Also, you can fix any bugs by using autotune and sound effects. Correct the tune as you play and record a video of your singing so that you can share it with all users.

  1. Interconnect With Other People

This application not only allows you to sing solo or duets but also you can communicate with others. You will be facilitated by many different options: write comments, communicate in private messages, give gifts and also the opportunity to subscribe to performers.

Moreover, you can invite your different friends and create a separate group for communication, add them and get likes. The more likes you have, the more noticeable your profile will. If you are well enough in singing, then don’t forget that famous producers and performers can see your recordings. Who knows that one day you may become a world-famous star.

  1. Sing With Friends By Connecting To Social Networks

You can connect this application with your Facebook account and invite your friends to sing in duet or groups. By connecting to Facebook, you can see who else of your friends are using this app. You can find your favourite song in its vast library. So just call your friend, find your favourite song and record a cool video.

  1. App Design

You can choose any of your favourite tracks easily because of its intuitive menu design. Moreover, you can choose a mode you want to sing: Cappella solo, Backing solo, in a Duet with a friend or in a group. You can access this application with any Smartphone or Tablet, along with headphones with a handset. Thanks to the wide range of settings, you can change your voice while recording your video.

  1. Free And Paid Subscription

It is a free application, but it also offers a paid subscription. You can purchase a VIP subscription that will open many additional features to you. However, you can download the modded app and can enjoy all of these features absolutely for free.

  1. Smule Mod Testing

For our website users, we have also performed a test on Smule. Their results show that the mode is stable, and once you install the app, it offers the activated VIP status. With this VIP activation, you can sing all the songs solo without any restriction. VIP activation allows you to assess a full library of songs, profile personalization, premium voice filter and absolute ads absence.

Due to its vast setting and features, also a voiceless user will be able to sound good. So don’t get shy and start training your voice with Smule Mod. Moreover, you will not face any problem while selecting your duet partner. It is very easy to use, and you can select your favourite song from genres.

How To Download And Install

We will make everything easy for you and provide you with complete information regarding the downloading process. However, if you want to download the modded app, then you can follow the below-listed steps.

  1. In the first step, press the ‘Download APK’ button and wait until the downloading process starts automatically.
  2. Once the downloading process is completed, open your file manager and select the necessary application file.
  3. In case of the first time installation, your device may ask you for several permissions. In order to complete installation, just tap on ‘Allow’.
  4. After the installation is completed, you can use the application for free.

To prevent error during the installation process, first, uninstall the original version of Smule before installing the modded app.


Question 1: Is the Smule App free?

Answer: Try the Smule app for free and grow your audience by connecting it to your Facebook account.

Question 2: How does Smule change your voice?

Answer: Its vast library collection gives you the ability to practice a wide variety of songs, which help to grow your voice.

Question 3: Who can see my Smule recordings?

Answer: At the time of saving recording, you choose whether to make the recording public or private.

Question 4: What happens when you join someone in Smule?

Answer: Whenever someone joins you in a duet, their voice will be added to yours, and a new collaboration will be created.

Final Verdict

Smule Mod APK is trying to prove that anyone can sound great. You do not need the bulky instruments and professional Studio to show your vocal talent. Just download the Smule and start practice singing if you are a music lover who wants to sing and dream of the worldwide fame that this application is especially for.

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