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Want o become super hero and save the world from different crimes? If Yes, then download Rope Hero: Vice Town for free!
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This game lets you become what the title says: a Rope Hero! Here you have to fight against evil in a battle. Its primary goal is the safety of the town. This game uses the best graphics at least come from the famous Grand Theft Auto franchise. It is all about letting the gamer know how they can feel when they become a superhero. Rope Hero Mod APK offers unlimited features and gameplay.

The goal of this game is to defeat all the villains and enemies to restore peace. Real heroes engage it’s loser by offering difficult levels and challenges and test their skills and abilities. The game comes in the category of action and has gained popularity among the Android gaming community. Rope hero is offered to the game for absolutely free of charge, and they promise to offer you an awesome experience.

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Rope Hero Mod Apk Download

Here in this article, we will provide all the necessary information about Rope Hero Mod APK. Further, the downloading process and installation procedure will also be shared at the end. We have provided you with the link for the latest version of Rope Hero that can be downloaded and installed very easily.

Moreover, this game is specially designed to offer you unmatched adventure and fun. The modified version of this game offers some additional features such as the unlimited supply of coins. It will help the gamer to purchase anything from the store. You can buy anything without worrying about their cost. Furthermore, you can buy the best equipment available in the store that will help you to pass the toughest challenges and levels. With the best equipment, you can pass any challenging level with the utmost ease.

Rope Hero Mod Apk Revdl

Rope hero is not that much famous in the world as that of the other big games like Free FireGTA Vice CityPUBG Mobile etc. Moreover, to ensure better quality and experience, we recommend you to download the latest version of Rope Hero. You can directly download it from our website from the given link. Also, it can be downloaded from many different websites, including revdl.

However, most of these websites contain malware, and some offer the older version of the game. People who can not download Rope Hero directly from the Play Store have provided you with the link. This link provides you with the latest version and allows the users to unlock all the levels and modes. So just go through the installation process to get the latest version of Rope Hero.


Whenever the Android user downloads a new game that is available, it always ends up in installing the app after some use. It is because most of the games offer limited content and boring gameplay. However, how interesting the game is, but if it has less content and you have to play it repeatedly, then it becomes a boring scenario. For that reason, this game has provided the number of difficult missions to test your skills and abilities.

Moreover, this game offers many different features and technicalities to improve the skills which help them in becoming a better player. With the help of the rope, the hero can quickly move around the buildings of the city. Furthermore, you can also use superpowers to fight crime in the city. The city is full of gangsters that cause destruction, and It is your job to eliminate them. So get ready for exciting gameplay and features in this game.


  1. Character

You can play the role of a superhero instead of the regular man in this game. As a real superhero, you will get certain superpowers. The character of the game is designed by the inspiration from hero Spiderman. The character has insane muscle and a blue colour suit. This character development has made this game very famous.

  1. Unique Gameplay

Gangster games are not new, and they were made popular by the highly successful GTA franchise. Tons of similar games are coming into the market day by day. Whereas, this game is a unique combination of GTA and Superheroes games.

In this game, you have to play the character of a superhero. Moreover, you have to complete missions and eliminate the gangsters from the city. You can fulfill your duties by using superhero powers or by using traditional weapons. There is no right or wrong way to play this game, and it offers you to explore a vast world.

  1. Super Powers

You can swing from building to building through your unlimited rope. Moreover, the character has the ability to make mega jumps and landings. But with great powers also comes great responsibility, so you should have to use powers for good.

  1. Missions

As inspired by GTA, Rope Hero features a storyline, and you have to go through these missions. The starting missions are easy, and with time and progress, they become difficult. The missions may include tasks such as killing targets, epic chases, driving exotic cars, and much more. Tons of missions are available that you can enjoy while playing this game.

  1. Cars

You have to drive tons of cars, including SUVs, bike cars, helicopters, planes, and much more. Moreover, the game offers a unique driving experience and a variety of cars like limousines, supercars, and much more.

  1. Graphics

This game resembles GTA due to its 3D graphics. Everything available is in 3D, and you can easily and freely explore the city. They did a great job by planning such amazing graphics. The features, storyline, and graphics offer pretty much realistic features.

  1. Controls

The game is specially designed for mobile, and you can control your vehicles and characters by using a virtual pad on the left side of the screen. Moreover, you can use your powers through the buttons on the right side.

  1. Maps

The game features a massive map that extends through the miles. You can do whatever you want as messing up with people, swinging in buildings, target chasing, and much more.

  1. Gadgets And Equipments

Different gadgets in parachutes, selfie sticks, pliers, skateboards, and much can be used in this game. Download this game and start enjoying its awesome gameplay and features.

How To Download And Install Rope Hero Mod Apk

  • Click on the download link, which is shared here on our website.
  • Start the downloading process immediately and wait until its completion.
  • Once the downloading completes, the installation page will appear.
  • Click on the ‘Install’ button and let your android device to complete the installation.


Question 1: Is Rope Hero safe?

Answer: This game includes graphics that are best and can be used by 18+ users.

Question 2: How do you play Rope Hero on Jio’s phone?

Answer: Run Xeplayer Emulator and search Rope hero in the Play Store and import the apk files.

Question 3: Is Rope Hero free?

Answer: Yes! One can download it for free from Google Play Store.

Question 4: Who made Rope Hero Vice town?

Answer: ‘Naxeex’ is the developer of Rope Hero Vicetown.

Final Verdict

Rope Hero lets the users step into the shoes of superheroes, and you have to fight against the crime. Moreover, it offers a real-world gaming experience where you can do whatever you want.

This game is absolutely free, and you can download this game with very few requirements. Rope Hero Mod Apk offers an unlimited supply of money so that you can buy anything from its stores. The users can use their favorite items from the store and can take down any of the toughest challenges.

What's new

  •  New shop items.
  • Graphics Improved.
  • New quests.



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