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Download Prey Day and start fighting against Zombies.
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Truly zombies are the victorious creatures. Indeed the virus spread because of them is the most dangerous. In fact, it can transfer from one to another and destroy all. Of course, if you want to survive, then you have a chance to do it. Thus download Prey Day Mod APK. On the contrary, your day will become difficult.

This game is considered to be the best in survival. This game is becoming more and more popular on the one hand, coming in the Action Category. Additionally, this game comes at a free price and doesn’t even cost a penny to pay. Similarly, it also doesn’t accommodate a lot of space on your device.

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Download Prey day Mod APK Latest Version

It is a multiplayer going day, which happens on the planet after a zombie Apocalypse. Further, the player will assume the part of one of the survivors. He should be the assistance that you need to investigate the City to discover supplies and weapons and obliterate the zombies.

Likewise, the need to discover cover and to expand its wellbeing. It is to be dreaded and criminals with raiders. Moreover, for viable endurance, you can make your own faction or join a generally coordinated group.

Furthermore, you are one of only a handful of survivors whose predetermination is straightforwardly identified with these occasions. Manage yearning and thirst, search for the survivors’ camps, assemble your own asylum from the accumulated materials.

Research the reasons for disease by finishing the missions. Investigate into the haziest corners of the City to make interesting shields and weapons. To illustrate, these weapons can help you out to make it to the end. The mod menu will also be there to disguise you.

This game is now coming up with the latest version. The developers APPLIFE LIMITED must be really proud of this publication. If you haven’t gone on to this game, then you are a fool there. Therefore download Prey Day Mod APK Android 1.

Nonetheless, it also runs on all platforms, including Android and iOS. SO it is the best you can get at the time. Enjoy it the most, and you will fall along with it.

Prey Day Survival Unlimited Money/Immortality

One day another infection caused demise for a progression of lives, transforming the world into a no man’s land. Wherever phantoms, interlopers, and different adversaries encompass you, and they will assault you whenever.

They generally grasp a blade, and they are prepared to hand you when you lose sharpness. Now, your test is much more troublesome on the grounds that you need to battle alongside a progression of dead and other unfriendly powers. Nevertheless, your undertaking is to utilize every one of the abilities to battle them else;, you will bite the dust.

Consolidating with companions to fight will expand your opportunity of endurance, particularly in the event that you can undoubtedly murder the top of the dead armed force. This is your most grounded adversary, so assault it whenever there is an opportunity.

This blockbuster version will provide you with unlimited resources. With unlimited money and immortality, you are a god in your own disguise. So be it. Meantime download Prey Day Survival Mod APK Free Craft now and be on your starting line.


The primary task of the player playing is the part in Prey Day: Survival is to figure out how to endure. Yearning and thirst are additionally significant issues that you should not overlook. Yet you should consistently keep in balance the measure of food and water required.

There is a lot of food, water, and different necessities in the City; you need to discover them before others in the event that you need to endure. From some fundamental assets, the game permits you to incorporate them into weapons or fundamental things for your excursion. To illustrate, You can even form a strong base to shield yourself from outside dangers. Make sure to bookmark our website to get new games!

For instance, the gameplay is so easy that notwithstanding, you will get it in no time. Besides, the game itself will help you to make way for yourself. You will be in the safest hands. The controls are essential, and they are much easier.


  • Prey Day Mod Apk is an intuitive open-world RPG for all players to appreciate immediately. Consequently, cooperation and correspondence assume a major part of interactivity.
  • Then, the assortment has a gigantic influence on your interactivity. Subsequently, you’ll have to utilize the things you acquire to create new weapons and gear.
  • Investigate malls, emergency clinics, schools, and corner shops. The world in the game was annihilated after the Zombies debacle, so the scene looked demolished, ruined, and ridiculous. Nonetheless, great illustrations decreased its shock.
  • The God mode is fun in itself, and the graphics will even make you jump out to give it a stand.

How To Download And Install Prey Day Mod APK

This game can be yours. So you can play. Meanwhile, follow the steps. In the end, it is all in the hands of a person.

  1. Click on the link given above.
  2. It will take you to a new tab. Your downloading will start.
  3. If it didn’t start, don’t close the window. Hang on for a minute.
  4. There will be a starter “Click Here.”
  5. Click it. Your downloading will start.
  6. Open the setup and install the game.
  7. Sit back and enjoy the entertainer.

Suppose you are having any trouble regarding download. However, you can contact us. Just ask your questions about the ones.

FAQs(Frequently Asked Questions)

Question 1: How Many Levels Are In The Game?

Answer: Specifically, there are no levels. You just need upgrades.

Question 2: How Do You Get Unlimited Money?

Answer: In front, download the game from the link above, and you will get what you want in your hands.

Question 3: Is Prey Day Safe?

Answer: Equally important, it is a safe game to get used to.


On the whole, we have reached the point. To summarize, it is the best role-playing, or you can say arcade game in play. In the end, download Prey Day Mod APK. In brief, you must start this while there is still time.

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  • New Year Event.
  • Unlimited Money.



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