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Almost all of us are familiar with Tower defense games. Likewise, Grow Castle is a tower defense game that brings new elements to the gaming world. It offers the best storyline, graphics, and modes that tower defense game lovers will truly enjoy. Here we will discuss the Grow Castle Mod Apk, which is the modified version of a simple apk. It offers similar gameplay with many additional premium features.

This Arcade game is different from other tower games as it has a backstory. In short, there was a kingdom, and one-day, monsters decided to invade every kingdom. Fortunately, you can prepare for their arrival because you’ve already been warned about this. However, due to the weak bases, the hordes of monsters manage to push you back. Now, you are just left with the castle, and you have to try hard in order to defend it.

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Download Grow Castle Mod Apk

The games like tower defense have been around since the start of mobile gaming. Such games are very easy to play and are more addictive. They do not need to have the next level graphics or the smartest controls. Likewise, they just need to be truly entertaining and unique so that to be enjoyed by many.

By Raon Games, Grow Castle is a tower defense game that is pretty much famous among battle lover gamers. This statement can be supported by the fact that it has over 10 million downloads on Google Play Store. But for some people, the numbers aren’t enough. So don’t worry because Mod Apk for Grow Castle has significantly more to offer than the simple version. So, if you’re interested in this game, then read on and click on the given download link to download it for free.

Grow Castle Mod Apk Revdl

The best strategy in this game is to purchase the most expensive heroestowers, etc., first. It allows you to finish waves like nothing and save money so that you can buy more units later in the game.

Grow Castle Mod Apk Unlimited All

Do you want to download Grow Castle and want to play with unlimited all? So do not waste time and download the unlimited money mod now and enjoy.


The graphics in Grow Castle consist of 2D cartoons that are very different from typical 3D graphics that we’re used to now. However, its characters and the effects are still as crisp as ever. Combine this with the sound effects, everything is in a perfect way and very pleasing to the eyes.

It’s important that you be wise in promoting heroes in Grow Castle because if you change your mind, then you can’t un-promote them. From our own personal experience, we highly recommend you to try and promote the golem master. By doing so, you can activate a power gem without having to equip it.



In Grow Castle, your units are your offensive pieces, and you can’t defend your tower without them. That is why it is important to understand how these units work. Here in this game, you can use up to 120 units. Each unit has its own unique skills and has its own statistics that you need to be aware of. Additionally, the magicians can freeze the opponents while the wizards can create thunderstorms. Also, the Stoners can throw large boulders at enemies and can smash them to pieces. You need to strategically place each of these units according to their weaknesses and strengths.

Impressive Graphics:

Grow Castle consists of fun and entertaining cartoon graphics. It is just like bringing your imaginations to life, just like the kids, in the form of this awesome game. However, its graphics aren’t as intense as other games but still offer a much better gaming experience. Most of all, the effects of its graphics will surely satisfy your requirements for an immersive battle experience.

Different game modes:

In order to keep the storyline of this game more interesting, the creators added different game modes to the game. So that if the normal mode bores you, then you can try the infinity mode. Here in this mode, the monsters will keep coming until you fail to defend your castle from them. You can test your limits by surviving, while the monsters become stronger and stronger with each second. You have to do everything in order to survive in these tough situations. Such as promoting and creating new heroes from the LAB room and building colonial areas to defend your territory. Do whatever you can, but don’t let the monsters destroy your castle.

Easy controls:

The controls aren’t that flashy in this action game. Its controls are as simple where you have to select and tap the troops which you want to deploy. For that reason, this game is incredibly easy to play. Here to fight enemies, you don’t need some complex control schemes, as it will be automatic. You just have to adjust accordingly and can enjoy the gameplay.

How To Download And Install Grow Castle Mod Apk

Even if you have a little bit of knowledge about Android, then you can easily download the Mod APK from our website easily. But do not worry because if you don’t know how to download or if you are new to our website, then just follow the below-listed guideline to download and install Mod APK for Grow Castle for free.

  • Click on the above download link and wait until your download gets ready in a few seconds.
  • After the completion of your download, open the Mod Apk file from the file manager.
  • Click on the install option, and it will lead you to the installation page.
  • Follow all the installation guides step by step in order to install this game properly.
  • Launch the game and start enjoying its unlimited features for free.


Question 1: What is the highest level in Grow Castle?

Answer: Currently, you can reach up to the 401 level.

Question 2: What is the market for in Grow Castle?

Answer: The market is a specially designed place which is created in order to earn gold. Two methods are available through which you can and gold, such as Exchange crystals and selling items or Exchange crystals for gold.

Question 3: How do you get unknown contracts in Grow Castle?

Answer: From every boss fight, there is a 60% chance of getting an unknown contract. For that, you have to clear five waves every time.

Question 4: Can you play Grow Castle on PC?

Answer: Grow Castle for PC is a game where you have to protect your cattle against enemies’ attacks. You can easily download Grow Castle on your PC with the use of any game emulator.


Grow Castle Mod APK is a better choice than a simple version because most people prefer unlimited features such as unlimited coins in order to get any item from the store without worrying about its cost. So what are you waiting for! Go get your Mod APK now enjoy its amazing features for free.

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