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Murder mysteries are always amusing and regardless of our age. We all have once had the dream of being the superb cop with all the rights and skills, which comes out and exposes the actual killer and restores justice. When it comes to such apps, the Criminal Case Mod Apk can fulfil your dreams.

The extremely popular Adventure game on personal computers has now been perfectly transformed into a modern-day android gaming app. It will allow the players to actually step into the shoes of a detective. Here you have to perform a careful examination of the crime scene to come up with the prospective clues and eventually find the real killer in a short time.

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Download Criminal Case Mod Apk Latest Version

If you think that you have the ability to become a top-class detective, then Criminal Case is the game, which is the best choice. Download Criminal Case and takes you to the crime scene where you have to use your conscious eye in order to come up with the right evidence. The player has to gather all the collected evidence and sum them all. However, you have to do all of this within a specific time; else, the murderer might get away with the crime committed.

Criminal Case Mod Apk Unlimited Stars And Energy

With the Mod Apk for Criminal Case, the players get two advantages. One in the form of unlimited energy, which will help you solve more cases. Secondly, climb up the ladder faster and the assurance of getting maximum possible clues. Ultimately it will reduce the time taken to solve the cases and lead to more cases being solved in a less possible time. This feature makes the Mod Apk a far better choice than the regular version.

Moreover, you will get unlimited stars and energy so that you can enjoy the game to its fullest. This game can be downloaded for free from our website, absolutely for free.


Criminal Case is a game that allows you to be a detective, and you have to solve different cases. Moreover, you will join as a detective in this game, as you solve a series of gruesome crimes in the city. You have to find the clues and interrogate witnesses as well as different suspects.

In this game, you need to piece the puzzles together to find the killer. But it’s not going to be as simple as in the movies. That’s why the game gives out limited hints, and you have to solve the Case with your strategic mind.


An analytical mind is necessary to be a detective that is capable of putting the puzzle together. Besides this, the game does a very good job of creating very realistic murder cases. Following are some of its stunning features:

Find clues

Being a detective, the first thing that you need to do in this game is to find clues. You’re going to start off with absolutely nothing; that is why it is very difficult to work your way and reach the top. Moreover, in this game, you will be directed to the scene where the crime has been done.

Players have to find clues and evidence that will help them to know what happened and regarding the identity of the killer. You may find guns, knives, baseball bats, and much other equipment that the game will ask you to find, depending on the crime. Additionally, you can also use the hints If you’re having a hard time, but they are limited.


After the collection of all evidence and clues, the next step is to interrogate everyone having any link to the crime. During interrogation, you can find eye-witnesses, which may tell you what time the victims came home or anything out of the blue. In either case, your primary goal is to gather any useful information to use as your next clue.


In the final step, you have to combine the evidence and the statements together in order to find the culprit. It’s very easy to say, but you are the detective. It’s your job to find the criminal in a less possible time so that justice can be served!

Epic graphics

If we talk about graphics, Criminal Case obviously poured out a lot of its budget into the animation. Everything is smooth and attractive, although you can not control any of its characters. Criminal Case is more like a moving novel rather than a 3D game, but it’s still exciting!

How To Download And Install Criminal Case Mod Apk

It’s very simple to download the Mod APK of a Criminal Case. Anyone having a little bit of knowledge about Android can easily download this game from our website for free. But still, if you are facing any issue regarding downloading this game, then no need to worry now. Just follow the below-listed guideline to download and install Mod APK of Criminal Case in a few seconds.

  • Click on the above download link and wait until your download gets started automatically in a few seconds.
  • After the completion of the downloading process, open the file from the file manager.
  • Now tap on the install button, then it will lead you to the installation page. In order to install Mod APK for Criminal Case, follow the installation guide.
  • Now your game has been successfully install on your phone, and you can enjoy its amazing features and gameplay for free.


Question 1: Is Criminal Case offline?

Answer: Yes, it is possible to play Criminal Case offline. Moreover, if you want to play with your Facebook friends, purchase items, or continue playing across multiple devices, then you will require a connection to the Internet.

Question 2: What do rings do in the Criminal Case?

Answer: Through Gold Rings, you can unlock elite outfits in the Avatar Shop when the player earns a certain amount. Moreover, the player must earn the Rings in order: Bronze, Silver, and Gold.

Question 3: What happened to the Criminal Case on Facebook?

Answer: Criminal Case: The Conspiracy was officially released for smartphones worldwide on February 19, 2019, and for Facebook, it was released two days later.

Question 4: What is the max level you can reach in a Criminal Case?

Answer: Currently, you can reach upto 850 levels in this game.

Question 5: Who made the criminal Case?

Answer: “Pretty Simple” is the official developer of this game.

Final Verdict

It is one of the best and award-winning adventurous games now recreated into a perfectly formed gaming app and is why one should download the Criminal Case Mod Apk. Moreover, it is available absolutely free of cost. In this game, you are in charge of solving the hardest possible murder mysteries by making use of the clues. Moreover, you have to find the real killer before it’s too late.

The mod apk provides the user with unlimited advantages such as getting a never-ending supply of energy and, most importantly, a huge clues availability. These advantages will make your task of solving the cases extremely easy and thereby increase your chances of being the best player in the gaming community. The mod apk becomes one extremely popular choice than the normal version of the game because of its unlimited features and better gameplay.

What's new

  • Graphics Improved.
  • All Bugs Fixed.
  • New Items Available.




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